Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Festivities!!

So I know we are a few days into November, but I am just getting time to share some pictures from our "carving party". Halloween is one of my favorite parts of fall! Only once a year can you dress up and over indulge on candy, oh and also test your artistic skills on pumpkins!! We have started a new tradition and each year on Halloween, we get friends together and carve up some awesome pumpkins! We also eat fall themed foods and crank up Halloween music!! We always say each year we are going to get better and better at our carving skills.... I think we did pretty great this year...check em out.

Cutting the tops off.

In deep concentration....

We were quite proud of our creations!!! Momma J said we all tied!! Next on
the list is plenty of Thanksgiving festivities to enjoy with family, such a blessing to have loved ones all around eating some yummy turkey, pumpkin pie, and whatever else we can pig out on!!! Can't wait!

Until next time,